You translate sustainable development into action, I translate it into words

Because I understand the issues you face, I can explain your environmental commitments and innovations effectively in French.

Traduction spécialisée dans l'environnement

The urgency of ecological and climate matters coupled with increasingly stringent regulations make it essential to communicate effectively and virtuously with the public, your partners, customers and prospects.

Taking a stance on sustainable development can be risky for your company. You can’t afford to settle for word-for-word or boilerplate translations. A specialist translator will help you to hone your message and emphasize your environmental efforts and performance.

Work with a language partner with environmental knowledge to achieve the impact you want in French.

By outsourcing your translations to an expert, you can rest assured that your message will come across exactly as you intend, loud and clear.

Professional translations

With over 20 years of experience under my belt, I’m well versed in environmental science and sustainable development:

• non-financial reporting (sustainability reports, CSR, ESG)

• technical documents on green innovation

• brochures (web and print)

• international organisation reports

• impact studies, carbon footprinting, life cycle analyses

• environmental policies and strategies

• digital and editorial content

• guides, white papers and recommendations

• sustainability initiatives and environmental awareness campaigns

• training and e-learning materials

• environmental research articles

• patents

• press releases

• and more – just ask!

Let’s discuss your needs

Call or email me today for a chat about what you need, what your problem is and how I can help.

My ecological and environmental expertise includes: sustainable development, climate change, nature and biodiversity, ecosystem conservation, pollution, carbon emission reduction, ecological transition, energy transition, green building, sustainable construction, renewable energies, green chemistry, circular economy, lowtech, waste management, water monitoring, sustainable water management, air quality, greentech, cleantech, ESG, CSR, green marketing.

Areas where my three specialisations overlap – health, food and the environment:

• integrated pest management, precision agriculture, agroecology, biocontrol

• environmental health, ecohealth, planetary health, lab tests

The extra mile

The added value of accurate terminology

As a qualified terminologist, I perform extensive research to capture the terms and language conventions used by environmental science experts.

I regularly attend conferences and training events about ecology and the environment. Maintaining an ongoing industry awareness is how I ensure highly accurate translations.

Spécialiste de la traduction scientifique et technique

ATLAN’TRAD: your trusted partner for translations on climate and the environment