Carefully crafted words that speak to the senses

The French take food very seriously. I make sure your translations kindle their emotion.

Traduction spécialisée dans l'alimentation et l'agroalimentaire

Just as a poor translation can be detrimental for your business and finances, a great translation helps your brand resonate with your target audience.

Working with a translator who understands your world and the French culture is the best way to avoid a faux pas and achieve maximum impact.

Outsourcing your translations to an expert who knows your industry is a great way to boost your visibility and reputation in the French-speaking market.

Professional translations

I’m an expert in various areas of food and wine production, with over 20 years of experience of translating content ranging from marketing collateral to highly technical documents:

• product descriptions and data sheets

• food product labels and packaging

• marketing content for wine brands and gourmet products

• test reports and other technical reports

• food and wine websites

• procedures and protocols

• scientific publications

• patents

• wine tasting notes

• training and e-learning materials

• software and mobile applications

• questionnaires

• guidelines and best practice guides

• user manuals

• specialist books

• food campaigns

• press releases

• and more – just ask!

Let’s discuss your needs

Call or email me today for a chat about what you need, what your problem is and how I can help.

My food and beverage expertise includes: agribusiness, agronomy, agriculture, plant protection, smart farming, agritech, livestock farming, zootechnics, foodtech, health and safety, winetech, and the production and tasting of wine, beer, coffee and other beverages.

Areas where my three specialisations overlap – health, food and the environment:

• sustainable agriculture, biological pest control, agroecological practices, agroforestry

• nutritional medicine, animal health, plant genetics, phytochemicals, lab tests, wine microbiology

The world of wine

France is a prestigious player in the world of wine and using the right words can be a deal breaker.

The wine industry is one of my areas of expertise. Living on a winery means I have first-hand experience of the field – in every sense of the term! From vineyard vocabulary to tasting terminology, I know all about the winemaking process. I also stay abreast of changes happening in the industry, where tradition and innovation go hand in hand.

This expertise comes across in my bespoke French translations.

Spécialisation dans la viticulture et l'oenologie

ATLAN’TRAD: accurate and engaging translations for the food and wine sector