A four-step quality approach

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Spécialiste de la traduction scientifique et technique

1. Project assessment

  • Check documents for usability, legibility and feasibility.
  • Analyse the requirements: languages, volume, technicality, tone, target audience.
  • Ascertain your needs: deadline, format, specifications or style guides to follow.
  • Prepare a free quote, keeping all information totally confidential.

Your written agreement

étape de traduction de vos textes techniques et scientifiques

2. Translation of the texts and illustrations

This is the actual translation stage, which includes:

  • semantic accuracy
  • consistent vocabulary and sentence structures throughout
  • industry-specific terminology
  • correct syntax and grammar
  • typographical standards
  • identical layout to the original
  • style and level of language suitable for the target audience

At this point, I may come back to you to with questions to double check or clarify certain points. These discussions sometimes lead to the source text being corrected or tweaked.

3. Proofreading

All translations are thoroughly proofread.
This step is about checking that the same tone and technical terms have been used throughout. It’s also a chance to pick up on any potential errors or omissions and check the final layout of the document.

4. Final quality control

This last step ensures that the translation meets the specifications set out at the start.


Delivery of a publication-ready translation on time, on budget and to standard.

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