French business and marketing translations: perfect prose for your multilingual marketing

Whatever language your readers speak, your texts have to hit the mark.


My job is to find the right words to make your message resonate

You go to great lengths to write engaging and creative content in your own language – don’t let it get lost in translation.

It’s essential to convey that same compelling tone in French. Uninspiring boilerplate or word-for-word translation can undo all your hard work and send readers running a mile

Poor or incorrect translation can harm your reputation and compromise the trust you’ve built with your audience.

With more than 20 years of business and marketing translations under my belt, I’ll help you to talk to your French target audience in their own words. Plus, I will tailor your message to their culture so you can convince, inspire and build trust with the readers you want to connect with.

I translate business, editorial and marketing content written in English, Spanish or Portuguese into perfect French.

ATLAN’TRAD’s translation services are…

An asset for your business

Accurate translations that read well and sound natural

Compelling and carefully crafted writing

Culturally appropriate for your readership

Reflect your brand voice, using the right tone, register and writing style

Various file formats accepted*

Meaning you can

Get your business’s message out clearly and effectively

Resonate with your core audience

Engage readers

Stay in control your image regardless of cultural and linguistic barriers

Save time and enjoy peace of mind

* Including Word, Excel, PowerPoint and InDesign. Contact me for other formats.

Documents I can translate for you

• sales brochures and leaflets

• websites

• blog posts

• social media posts

• documents for conferences, meetings and trade fairs

• press releases

• in-house magazines

• journalistic content

• how-to guides and white papers

• specialist publications for professional audiences

• editorial and multimedia content

• internal comms

• newsletters and bulletins

• sales pitches

• satisfaction surveys and polls

• and more – just ask!

Isabelle Bouchet, traductrice commerciale et rédactionnelle
My speciality: translating dual-purpose texts that combine technical and marketing content

To communicate your full value, you need to convey your technical expertise with engaging copy. Good technical-marketing materials are:

• clear, creative and efficient – they resonate with the reader

• technically accurate and reliable – because you can’t afford to get it wrong!

This type of translation requires technical and communication skills – my speciality! This sought after combination helps to consolidate your reputation.

Discover ATLAN’TRAD’s technical and scientific specialisations

My quality approach

To ensure I deliver the quality you need, I only accept projects that are a good fit for my skills.

My priority is delivering high-quality translations to satisfied customers.

Read more about my quality assurance process

It’s been proven: customers want products and services presented in their own language

According to a 2020 CSA Research survey, 76% of Internet users say they prefer to buy products with a description in their own language and 40% would never buy a product without information in their native language.

Customers need to instantly understand information and sales messages that are aimed at them. They won’t spend time looking for a translation. Machine translation comes with its own risks – it’s all too easy to unknowingly get it wrong and for your message to be distorted or misunderstood.

If you operate internationally, you understand the benefits – and the return on investment – of having your digital content professionally translated. With ATLAN’TRAD, you can be sure that your website, brand communication, editorial marketing and e-mail campaigns come across exactly as intended.

ATLAN’TRAD adds value to your marketing campaigns

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